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Icpoes Productivity Blockages

Remove Blockages to ICP-OES Productivity

Prevent and minimize blockages on your ICP-OES instrument

Blockages can significantly impact sample processing time—not to mention the effort required to identify, locate, and clear the blockage. A blocked nebulizer can restrict aerosol, impacting your ICP-OES performance. This can show up as reduced sensitivity or a degradation in accuracy and precision, which can stop your workflow in its tracks.

To efficiently clear nebulizer blockages, we recommend the Agilent nebulizer cleaner (p/n G3266-80020). We understand that some nebulizer blockages are unavoidable. That’s why we created a free technical overview: Simple Steps for Clearing a Blocked ICP-OES Nebulizer.

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Two steps to reduce ICP-OES downtime caused by blockages

Think that skipping filtration can save you time? Think again.

Skipping sample filtration may seem like a good idea in the short term. But it can lead to significant downtime if large particles become trapped in the sample uptake tubing, nebulizer, or injector.

Agilent Captiva Premium Syringe Filters are available in a wide range of sizes, formats, and membranes. With the industry’s highest flow rates and loading capacities, they make the filtration process faster than ever.

Realize the full benefits of filtration in four easy steps.

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Choose the right nebulizer for your application

Each nebulizer has different performance characteristics, and unfortunately, a universal nebulizer ideal for all applications is not available yet.

Using the right ICP-OES nebulizer for your application will ensure optimum performance and reduced risk of blockage and unplanned downtime. Be sure to carry at least one spare nebulizer, so that you can keep running samples while you attend to a blocked nebulizer.

Choose your nebulizer

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