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ICP-MS Cone Care Value Pack: Contact us to order

Make Cone Inspection More Reliable and Less of a Chore

Here’s why you need the Agilent
LED measuring magnifier

Dirty, blocked, or damaged interface cones can adversely impact sensitivity, precision, and background of your ICP-MS results. That’s why you should regularly inspect your sampler and skimmer cones—paying close attention to the condition of the orifice.

You can make this important task easier with the NEW Agilent LED measuring magnifier. This field-proven tool allows you to:

  • Inspect the condition of your sampler or skimmer cone
  • Check for matrix build-up at the tip
  • Confirm whether cleaning/maintenance procedures have been successful
  • Check if a cone needs replacing—particularly due to an enlarged or damaged orifice
  • Avoid the hassle of removing the cones from the lab to inspect them under a microscope

Best of all, the magnifier is bundled with the Agilent Cone Care Kit—giving you all the supplies you need to replace and maintain your interface cones.

(Cone Care Kits are suitable for the Agilent 7700, 7800, 7900, 8800, and 8900 ICP-MS instruments.)

LED measuring magnifier

The LED measuring magnifier is included when you buy any Agilent Cone Care Kit.

Contact us to order

Choose from three Cone Care Kits—each includes our LED measuring magnifier

Nickel Cone Care Kit

(Part No. 5067-0294)

Nickel Cone Care Kit Contact us to order

Nickel-plated Cone Care Kit

(Part No. 5067-0295)

Nickel-plated Cone Care Kit Contact us to order

Platinum Cone Care Kit

(Part No. 5067-0296)

Platinum Cone Care Kit Contact us to order

Kit contents:

  • 2 sampler cones
  • 1 LED measuring magnifier
  • 1 package of sampling cone graphite gaskets (3/pk)
  • 1 package of cotton swabs for cleaning (100/pk)

ICP-MS Resource library

Resource library

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ICP-MS performance and maximizing cone life.

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Cleaning tips video

Cleaning tips video

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