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Visit the Agilent ICP-MS spectrometry resource hub

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To minimize costly downtime—and achieve great ICP-MS results—you must stay up to date with the best practices for instrument maintenance and operation.

The Agilent ICP-MS spectrometry resource hub makes it easy by giving you instant access to how-to videos, maintenance procedures, training opportunities, and more. Let us help you maximize your daily productivity—and significantly improve your lab’s success over time. Bookmark this page today, and be sure to check back often.

ICP-MS maintenance and troubleshooting videos

Part 1: Overview

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Improve confidence in your analytical results. Learn about preparing accurate standards and samples, diagnosing sample introduction issues, and performing preventive maintenance.

Part 2: Sample introduction

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Prevent costly downtime due to sample introduction problems. Discover how to check peristaltic pump tubing, prevent and remove nebulizer blockages, improve precision, and reduce memory effects.

Part 3: Torch box

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Eliminate plasma ignition problems and maintain optimal performance. Learn how to inspect the torch, bonnet, shield plate, and RF coil. We’ll also show you how to clean the torch.

Part 4: Interface region

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Eliminate drift and avoid costly sample reanalysis. We’ll teach you the right way to clean and condition your interface cones.

Insider tips for flawless ICP-MS performance

Prevent nebulizer blockage

blocked nebulizer

Prefilter samples, optimize the autosampler probe height, and use only lintless wipes. Also, thoroughly rinse the nebulizer between samples—and at the end of each run. Learn more

Pay attention to the interface cones

Maintain high sensitivity, low background noise, and long-term stability by using proper cleaning techniques and conditioning cones before analysis. Learn more


Keep it clean


Enhance long-term performance and reduce contamination by using the right cleaning techniques for the nebulizer, spray chamber, and torch. Learn more

Set high standards

Ensure precise, accurate calibration data by preparing standards fresh from Agilent ULTRA chemical standards with known uncertainty. Only use high-purity reagents and deionized water to reduce contamination. Learn more


Don’t neglect the pump tubing

pump tubing

Improve precision and reduce QC failures by inspecting the peristaltic pump tubing regularly, and replacing when needed. Learn more

Inspect sample intro

Dirty, blocked, or damaged sample intro will adversely impact sensitivity, precision, and background. That’s why you should regularly inspect your cones, nebulizer, and tubing. Learn more

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Featured innovations for your complete ICP-MS workflow

ICP-MS supplies

Ensure long-term instrument reliability


Don’t risk the quality of your results—or possible instrument downtime. Genuine Agilent supplies help maintain the superb performance of your Agilent ICP-MS instrument.

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ICP-MS standards

Calibrate with confidence


With our acquisition of ULTRA Scientific, you can now access an extensive selection of ISO Guide 34 certified reference materials, complemented by the flexibility to manufacture custom solutions to your specifications.

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Interface cones

Send us your used cones and save


Trade in your used Agilent, Spectron, or Glass Expansion platinum interface cones and receive a trade-in credit* for each used cone returned to Agilent. You’ll save money—and help the environment.

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* May not be available in all areas. Contact your local Agilent representative for details.

ICP-MS systems

Fast, sensitive, and flexible elemental analysis


The Agilent 7800 and 7900 quadrupole ICP-MS systems offer the highest matrix tolerance and widest dynamic range. The Agilent 8900 triple quadrupole ICP-MS adds MS/MS operation, providing precise control of reaction cell processes to ensure the most consistent and accurate results.

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New technical overview reveals critical differences between Agilent cones and the competition

Find out which cones performed best in:

  • Out-of-the-box sensitivity
  • Detection limits
  • Signal stability, and more
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LED measuring magnifier

Extra value bundle

Receive an LED measuring magnifier as part of the bundle when you buy any Agilent cone care package.

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Agilent University

Agilent University:
Unlock the potential of your team and your lab

Maintaining high skill levels is critical to ensuring instrument uptime, lab productivity, and analytical accuracy. Agilent University offers comprehensive learning opportunities—from beginner-level courses to advanced classes—for every member of your team. Courses can be taken in the classroom, on-site, and online. Prepaid credits are also available to help you manage your budget.

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