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Agilent ICP Expert Software - Version 7.4 Upgrade Offer

Supercharge your lab’s productivity with a simple software upgrade

Make life in the lab easier with NEW Version 7.4 of Agilent ICP Expert software

Great news for Agilent 5100 and 5110 ICP-OES instrument users. The newest version of Agilent ICP Expert software delivers advanced automation features that will take your productivity to new heights.

Simplify instrument performance tests

Make sure your instrument is performing within specification by using the automated instrument test function.

Automate tedious lab tasks

The ESI PrepFAST™ autodilution system can now automate standard and sample preparation and compensate for internal standard suppression. It also automatically dilutes overrange samples.

Create high-throughput Switching Valve methods

Built-in control of the Agilent AVS 6/7 Switching Valve simplifies method development and instrument operation.

Know which elements are in your sample

The IntelliQuant function enables rapid identification—and estimates the concentration—of over 70 elements.

Slash rinse times to reduce your run time

Intelligent Rinse monitors the intensities of nominated elements during rinsing, automatically ending the rinse when intensities reach a specified threshold.

Comply with standards such as USP <232>/<233> and ICH Q3D

The QC function now allows you to monitor the %RSD on every sample, or flag sample results below the Method Detection Limit.

Flag potential problems before they happen

The instrument monitor feature graphically indicates the live status of supplied gases, power, and water.

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Save up to 40% on your software upgrade

For a limited time, existing Agilent 5100 and 5110 ICP-OES customers can enjoy deep discounts on software upgrades.

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Webinar: Automate your ICP-OES analysis with powerful software tools

Learn how you can streamline your elemental analysis from instrument start-up to shutdown.

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