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Be Agilent Sure in E&L Analysis


Be Agilent sure in extractables and leachables

Thorough testing is vital to ensure that impurities from containers or packaging do not contaminate the drug products they contain. Nobody understands that better than Agilent. Renowned for reliability, we provide a comprehensive set of technologies that cover every aspect of E&L analysis—from evaluating samples to reporting results—with unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility.

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Sample prep

Confidently remove interferences from your sample matrixes with Agilent Bond Elut and Captiva sample preparation supplies.



The Agilent InfinityLab LC Series gives you the broadest range of LC system choices:

  • The InfinityLab 2D-LC system gives you easy access to any 2D separation mode
  • InfinityLab SFC systems simplify supercritical fluid chromatography
  • 6500 Series LC/MS Q-TOF systems deliver an unmatched combination of mass accuracy, mass resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range, and speed


Lower your detection levels for elemental impurities in drug products and related packaging materials with Agilent 7800 and 7900 quadrupole ICP-MS systems.

If your applications require high throughput—and focus on elevated concentrations from larger-scale E&L analyses—the Agilent 5110 ICP-OES system delivers reliable results with a low cost of ownership.


Detect and quantify VOCs and SVOCs—plus high-migration species such as inks, adhesives, and processing solvents—by combining the 7697A Headspace Sampler with the 7890A GC and 5977A/B Series GC/MSD. You can also streamline your GC analysis with the enabling technologies of the Agilent Intuvo 9000.


Perform targeted SVOC quantification at trace levels with the selective, ultrasensitive 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC-MS. For non-target analysis, the 7200B GC/Q-TOF system reliably generates high-resolution spectral data.


MassHunter Mass Profiler Professional lets you easily classify, compare, and analyze sample groups. Its powerful capabilities fully exploit the high information content of mass spectrometry data.

E&L Personal Compound Database and Library for LC/MS enables efficient spectral matching and compound confirmation of known leachables.


You can preserve data integrity and facilitate GMP compliance with Agilent OpenLAB CDS—a cross-platform software.

In addition, you can count on Agilent Spectroscopy Database Administrator (SDA) for secure data storage to Agilent ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments.


Today’s labs face complex challenges that require the support of a true service partner. Agilent CrossLab service plans maximize your lab’s productivity and keep your operations running smoothly, day after day. Whatever your laboratory configuration, we can provide the level of support that best meets your needs and budget.

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“Detection and Identification of Extractable Compounds from a Drug Container Closure System Using High Resolution LC/MS and Mass Profiler Software”

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