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Interface Cone Comparison Study

Are You Sure About the Quality and Performance of Your ICP-MS Cones?

We put them to the test in our latest
cone comparison

Only Agilent cones meet our strict manufacturing specifications, confirmed by our 100% quality inspection, and protected by our custom packaging. The result: you get the sensitivity and stability that you expect from your single-quadrupole and triple-quadrupole ICP-MS systems.

Insights from the report

In our study, we compared Agilent interface cones with those from different suppliers, focusing on properties critical to ICP-MS performance. Here’s what we found:

Genuine Agilent cones deliver superior sensitivity across the mass range

Third-party cones showed lower sensitivity as received, and after following our conditioning guidelines.

Sensitivity out of the box for new cone pairs

Agilent and third-party cones show a significant difference in stability

Agilent ICP-MS cones ensure robust conditions, improving signal stability and matrix tolerance.

Third-party cones can compromise short- and long-term stability—leading to sample reruns and lost productivity.

Long-term stability for non-Agilent cones (Competitor G)

All cones are not created equal

We uncovered differences in weight between Agilent cones and third-party manufactured cones. This implies that
third-party cones deviate from the Agilent design, which can negatively impact performance.

Average weight of sampling cones as received

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Troubleshooting and
Maintenance of
ICP-MS Systems
Part 4: Interface Region

Learn simple cone cleaning steps that can extend cone life, eliminate drift, and minimize costly downtime.

Optimize ICP-MS performance and maximize cone life

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How to master the art of cone performance

We’ll guide you through selecting the right cones for your instrument and applications, and explore the best practices for cone maintenance.

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Our LED measuring magnifier is bundled with every Agilent cone care package

This field-proven tool makes cone inspection simpler and more reliable. Agilent’s cone care packages give you all the supplies needed to replace and maintain your interface cones.

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