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Agilent Coatings Insights eHandbook

Rich insights about your coatings start here

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Ideal for designers of industrial, protective or architectural coatings, and those who create optics and films for specialty applications, the Coatings Insights eHandbook illustrates the steps to performing a wide range of coating measurements using UV-Vis-NIR and FTIR technologies.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Gather critical data about your coating’s function and performance
  • Determine if your coating will maintain consistent high quality over its lifecycle
  • Perform measurements without cutting, grinding, or destroying your sample—or having to take it to a lab*

*Insitu measurements are possible with Agilent’s handheld FTIR instruments.

Gather rich insights from coatings analysis

Meet the ever increasing demands on coating function and performance. Download the Agilent Coatings Insights eHandbook today.

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Coatings and optics analysis solutions

A first in optics and coatings analysis

The Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrometer (UMS) has become the world’s most advanced solution for optics and coatings analysis. See it in action.

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Measure smart. Measure fast. Measure on-site.

Introducing the newest generation of analytical handheld technology. The Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR brings the power of infrared analysis out of the lab and into the field.

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