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Amino Acid and Cell Culture Analysis Solutions

Amino Acid and Cell Culture Analysis Solutions
Amino Acid and Cell CultureAmino Acid and Cell
Culture Analysis

Small molecule chromatography (<150 Ă…)

Delivers robust, high-resolution separations

AdvanceBio Amino Acid Analysis (AAA)
LC/UV or LC/FLD with sample derivatization



Exceptional resolution

More reliable results

High pH–resistant C18 stationary phase

Longer column lifetimes

HPLC and UHPLC compatible

Increased flexibility

AdvanceBio MS Spent Media
LC/MS without sample derivatization



HILIC LC separation/MS detection

One method for multiple metabolite classes

No sample derivatization needed

Use any LC/MS system

PEEK-lined stainless steel column hardware

Excellent peak shape and recovery

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compendium for
Amino Acid Analysis
Amino acid analysisAmino acid analysis

Perform Confident Qualitative and
Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis.

AdvanceBio Columns

Agilent AdvanceBio columns deliver results you can be sure of when analyzing highly complex biotherapeutic molecules and monitoring their purity, potency, and other critical quality attributes (CQA). Discover the full range for:

  • Titer determination
  • Glycan analysis
  • Charge variant analysis
  • Amino acid and cell culture analysis
  • Peptide mapping
  • Aggregate/fragment analysis
  • Intact and subunit analysis
Webinar Series:
Tips & Tricks to Achieve
Fast, Sensitive,
and Reproducible
Separation of
Amino Acids

Anne Blackwell, Ph.D.,
Bio Columns Product Support Scientist,
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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