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E&C Polymer Analysis Portfolio Campaign

Identify. Characterize. Quantify. Complete, confident polymer analysis solutions

Optimize efficiency and savings at every step of the polymer supply chain

From evaluating raw materials… to predicting behavior… to determining your finished product’s effects on the environment… each stage of the polymer supply chain involves rigorous analysis.

You can ensure that your product meets quality and safety standards by partnering with Agilent for your polymer analysis.

We can help you:

  • Identify contaminants and confirm raw materials and polymer identities
  • Characterize polymers to optimize their engineering and performance
  • Quantify banned or restricted substances to stay compliant with current and emerging regulations

Polymer Analysis Productivity Library

Extend the limits of sample preparation, method development, throughput, and data analysis.

Educational resources include:

  • On-demand webinars
  • Application notes
  • Video demonstrations
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Precision and accuracy—no matter your expertise

Don’t let limited resources prevent you from attaining the throughput and productivity you need to stay ahead. Agilent’s reliable, durable analytical solutions effortlessly analyze:

  • Polymer resins
  • Molecular properties
  • Impact modifiers
  • Inorganic fillers
  • Additives
  • Feedstock purity
  • Stabilizers
  • Batch variability and quality
  • Colorants, and more

Featured Applications

Access the full Polymer Analysis Productivity Library—to extend the limits of your productivity

Be confident in the consistency and quality of your products

Avoid downstream complications and solve engineering failures through simple, effective material evaluation along the manufacturing line. Agilent chromatography portfolios, dedicated analyzers, and FTIR imaging systems allow you to:

  • Ensure monomer and solvent quality for incoming raw materials
  • Analyze raw material content for additives and comonomers
  • Test blend ratios and additive content during QA/QC

What’s more, you can confirm the identity and composition of your polymer pellets—before the shipment is unloaded—using Agilent mobile FTIR instruments.

Featured Applications

Access the full Polymer Analysis Productivity Library—to extend the limits of your productivity

Protect your brand and comply with regulations

Consumer product regulations are on the rise, which means your company must comply with multiple tests and specifications measures concerning additives and plasticizers. Agilent can help you:

  • Ensure product safety and end-use durability
  • Monitor for migrant species
  • Screen for phthalates in plastics
  • Test for impurities and contaminants

In addition to our comprehensive elemental analysis portfolio and market-leading GC/MS, Agilent offers a mobile FTIR analyzer that lets you identify phthalate content directly on the manufacturing line—or at the port.

Featured Applications

Access the full Polymer Analysis Productivity Library—to extend the limits of your productivity

Fast, reliable identification both in and out of the lab

Whether you need to assess polymer sorting classification at the sample site… or perform in-depth separation and quantification in the lab… Agilent has what you’re looking for. Our comprehensive portfolio allows you to:

  • Identify polymer classes in seconds—even black polymers
  • Efficiently analyze additives and contaminants
  • Precisely measure extractables and leachables
  • Perform confident elemental analysis

Our handheld and mobile FTIR instruments enable quick, onsite identification of contaminants, while advanced GPC/SEC and atomic spectroscopy systems allow you to perform reliable trace-level analysis.

Featured Applications

Access the full Polymer Analysis Productivity Library—to extend the limits of your productivity

Polymer Analysis Portfolio for your identification, characterization and quantification needs

Identify defects and impurities at the sample site

Determine a polymer’s chemical composition, confirm its identification, and monitor chemical changes nondestructively—with the Agilent handheld 4300 FTIR.

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Characterize polymer laminates—with no sample preparation

Identify contaminants or diagnose engineering complications with the Agilent FTIR Imaging 620 system. You can also analyze polymer laminates and films at microscopic levels without the need for sample preparation.

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Identify and profile polymers with ease

Optimize production by analyzing and confirming polymer identity with the simple, small-footprint benchtop Cary 630 FTIR

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Characterize optical properties of solid samples

Determine the optical properties of your polymers with the Cary UV-Vis-NIR portfolio. Characterize samples in a fraction of the time with the Cary 7000 UMS, which features a solids autosampler.

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Quantify elemental contaminants

Efficiently measure metals in your polymers with Agilent atomic spectroscopy technologies, such as ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Take it even a step further and analyze volatile organometallic compounds with Agilent’s GC-ICP-MS workflows.

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Reach new heights in GPC efficiency

Groundbreaking technologies make GPC more accessible, flexible, and productive. Reduce run time by 25%—and boost throughput by 33%—by choosing Agilent GPC columns and supplies.

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Characterize polymers beyond conventional capabilities

From routine applications to analyzing engineered polymers, the Agilent GPC/SEC portfolio covers the widest range of conventional and advanced analysis capabilities.

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Quantify compounds of interest on market-leading technology

Increase productivity for a range of applications—including the detection of contaminants in ethylene and propylene—with the Agilent 7890B GC and 5977B MS analyzer solution (product number M7484AA).

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Quantify Phthalates and other molecular components

Eliminate productivity obstacles and approach phthalates analysis in a completely new way. Intuvo 9000 GC requires half as much bench space—and uses only half the power—of standard GC systems.

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Maximize efficiency with end-to-end support

Agilent CrossLab combines the innovative laboratory services, software, and consumables competencies of Agilent and elevates service for the entire research lab. Its vital and actionable insights drive improved economic, operational, and scientific outcomes.

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