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The Agilent atomic absorption spectrometry resource hub

Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

The Agilent atomic absorption
spectrometry resource hub

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Featured technique: Atomic absorption spectrometry

To minimize costly downtime—and achieve great results from your system—you must stay up-to-date with the best practices for instrument maintenance and operation.

The Agilent AAS resource hub makes it easy. It gives you instant access to the latest how-to videos, maintenance procedures, educational opportunities, and much more. So you can rely on our AA expertise to help you solve your AA challenges and get the most out of your systems.

AA troubleshooting and maintenance videos

Hollow cathode lamps

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Learn usage and basic troubleshooting guidelines for hollow cathode lamps. Learn more about different lamp types, optimization procedures, and advantages of Agilent lamps.

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Flame atomic absorption

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Learn usage and basic troubleshooting guidelines for the flame atomization system, including the burner, spray chamber, and nebulizer.

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Graphite furnace AAS

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Learn usage and basic troubleshooting guidelines for graphite furnace atomic absorption, including tube replacement, conditioning procedures, and optimizing the programmed drying temperatures.

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AA Troubleshooting Maintenance Guide

New AA Troubleshooting Maintenance Guide

Discover how to identify and overcome the most common causes of unplanned atomic absorption instrument downtime and inconsistent results.

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Featured innovations for your complete workflow

hollow cathode lamp

Hollow cathode lamps:
Never compromise on AA performance

A recent study proved that the lifetime of Agilent cathode lamps is up to six-times longer than competitive lamps. And, Agilent lamps also provide:

  • Better short- and long-term stability
  • High sensitivity
  • Improved detection limit performance
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UltrAA lamp

Agilent UltrAA lamps:
Increase sensitivity by up to 40%

These high-intensity boosted discharge hollow cathode lamps lower detection limits for the most demanding flame, furnace, and vapor AA applications. They offer:

  • Extended calibration range while retaining precision
  • Longer lifetimes—exceeding 8000 mA hours
  • Simple, plug-and-play operation
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graphite tubes

Graphite tubes: Purity you can trust

Count on Agilent graphite tubes for superior performance, sensitivity, and precision. Each tube is individually tested for reproducible and reliable results. Agilent tubes also provide:

  • Reduced contamination
  • Improved signal-to-noise
  • Longer lifetime
  • Less reruns due to poor precision or poor stability
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240FS AA

Atomic absorption systems:
Productive, precise, and reliable

Agilent leads the industry with innovative AA instruments to match every need and budget. Our diverse portfolio includes:

  • The world’s fastest flame AA, featuring “Fast Sequential” capability
  • Sensitive graphite furnace AA
  • Versatile, precision-engineered accessories and supplies
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On-demand webinars and other courses

Not the AA Lamp Again! Troubleshooting Hollow Cathode (HC) Lamp Issues and Other Tips for Atomic Absorption

Learn how to:

  • Prevent, identify, and troubleshoot common HC lamp issues
  • Troubleshoot common atomic absorption issues
  • Reduce downtime, increase throughput, and improve data quality
  • Implement best practices that can simplify operation
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Hollow cathode lamp

Agilent University: Unlock the potential of your team and your lab

Maintaining high skill levels is critical to ensuring instrument uptime, lab productivity, and analytical accuracy. Agilent University offers comprehensive learning opportunities—from beginner-level courses to advanced classes—for every member of your team. Courses can be taken in the classroom, onsite, and online. Prepaid credits are also available to help you manage your budget.

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Agilent University

More information for AA insiders

Need help with developing your flame AA analytical methods?

Our complimentary e-Primer helps you set up instrumentation and operating conditions for more than 60 elements, with tips for optimal performance. It also includes application guidance for common sample matrices.

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Which AA lamp is right for you?

Find out by requesting our full-color wall poster. It features a periodic table and quick-reference AA lamp selection guide. It also includes insights into maintaining lamp stability, reducing replacement costs, and minimizing the need for troubleshooting.

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Have you heard how others are using their AA instruments?

At Agilent, we know that every interaction is a chance to get to know you better, and to drive better outcomes for your lab. That’s why “from insight to outcome” isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission. The stories here are all real, and so is our commitment to your success.

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Agilent CrossLab: Real insight, real outcomes

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