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Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF system. Accelerate Capabilities.

Accelerate Capabilities

Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF system


Is your lab up to speed?

Today’s analytical labs face dynamic challenges. You need the right tools and instruments to keep your lab up to speed.

The Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF is the centerpiece of multiple workflows, allowing uncompromised data quality in qualitative and quantitative analyses. For target/suspect screening, metabolomics, or food authenticity. The increased resolution with simultaneous high dynamic range adds performance and confidence to your analysis.

Now with the simplified MassHunter Authenticity App, technicians can easily perform expert-level statistical analyses—allowing your lab to stay competitive and avoid any performance compromises.

New food safety and authenticity posters and webinar

information kit

Information kit includes two full-color posters and access to a pesticide analysis webinar.

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The 6546 LC/Q-TOF in action

See how the 6546 LC/Q-TOF helps keep your lab up to speed.

00:02:00 / 12-March-2019

For more information, download the 6546 LC/Q-TOF brochure.

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Updated software rapidly turns MS data into reliable answers

The 6546 LC/Q-TOF delivers the sort of mass accuracy and quantitative precision your lab demands—no matter what type of analysis you perform.


To learn how the 6546 LC/Q-TOF can accelerate your food authenticity testing, complete this form.