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Fast-Track your Evaluation of Alissa

Guide to effectively evaluating Alissa Interpret

Our hosted demo environment protects your data and eliminates the need for a dedicated server and legal paper-work-shaving weeks off of the time required to prepare your lab compared to traditional evaluations.

Guide to effective evaluation

Just Bring your Mouse

  • Evaluate Alissa in our secure demo environment
  • Our Field Application Scientists guide and partner with you every session
  • Don't waste time trying to learn on your own

Make your Sessions Flexible

  • Do one per week
  • Double-up over a few days
  • Do them all at once

The answers to know before you start:

  • What does your lab want to accomplish in this evaluation?
  • How will this improve your current workflow and reporting?
  • Who is on your evaluating team?
  • Are the schedules for the team members aligning for all the sessions?

What to expect:

Session 1 - Intro demo to Alissa
High level overview of Alissa and mapping to your lab's needs and areas of focus, such as exome, tumor, constitutional genetics, cancer, CNV/ SNPs? (30 min)

Session 2 - Tree-Building
Workshop to build a workflow from scratch. Designed to better understand your data annotation and filtering needs. Your sample .vcf file will be used to test the workflow and tree. (1hr)

Session 3 - Variant Review and Report
Hands-on process of running your samples through the tree built in the previous session to show the end upload. (2 to 4hrs)

Session 4 - Final Review (optional)
Q/A, exploration of Alissa components.

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