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Dako DuoCISH

Dako DuoCISH

Dako DuoCISH is optimized for dual color chromogenic visualization of signals obtained with Texas Red and FITC-labeled FISH probes designed for detection of gene amplifications, deletions and translocations. Dako DuoCISH generates contrasted and well-balanced red and blue signals on the same tissue section. The signals are clearly identified by bright field microscopy at low magnification and easily counted at high magnification.

Dako DuoCISH contains all key reagents, i.e. Peroxidase Block, CISH Antibody Mix, red and blue chromogens and substrate buffers necessary to perform 20 visualizations corresponding to the 20-test Dako FISH assays. The procedure can be performed manually or automated using the Dako Autostainer instruments.

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