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Optimize your LC productivity with Agilent workflow solutions.

From preparing your samples through to analyzing your results, Agilent provides a complete LC solution that makes a real difference to your laboratory productivity.

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Agilent provides everything you need for a complete LC solution with sample preparation products, columns, instruments and supplies designed to make your life in the lab easier. Agilent LC solutions enable you to optimize your methods, for a trouble-free workflow so you can achieve maximum LC productivity.

Did you know you can increase lab productivity in the first part of your workflow?

Do you need to minimize instrument downtime?

Learn how you can effectively clean complex samples with an easy cleanup step in this recorded webinar.

Too many samples to handle?

Watch this video series to learn how to achieve faster more consistent sample processing.

Need to balance accuracy with deadlines?

Improve accuracy without adding time by filtering your samples. Easily find the right syringe filter for your application with the slide and select guide.

Are you confident that your LC methods are delivering the best results?

Are you using the optimal column for your method?

Find the best column for your LC method to perform rugged, fast analyses with confidence.

Are you limited by the capabilities of your GPC column?

Increase the efficiency of your GPC separations with columns designed to withstand, higher temperatures, more aggressive solvents, and repeated solvent changes.

Are you confident about the quality of your calibration data?

Discover how preparing your calibration standards from Agilent Certified Reference Materials can help you achieve precise, accurate calibration data, and consistent performance.

Is your lab running as efficiently as possible?

Do you need a solution to fit your application or budget?

Discover a common, future proof platform that enables you to build your own solution.

Do you worry about solvents escaping into the air?

Discover how to easily prevent solvent evaporation and maintain the composition or your solvent.

Do you find reconfiguring or relocating your LC a hassle?

Watch this video to learn how to adapt your system to suit the way you work, for maximum productivity.

Get the most from your instrument with Agilent Education

Method development and more

The LC handbook was by Agilent chromatographers to help you be more successful with HPLC column selection and method development.

Request yours

Need troubleshooting tips?

Tired of poorly connected fittings? Learn how you can have a perfect UHPLC and HPLC column connection every time.

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New hire in your lab?

Get new instrument operators up to speed quickly with Agilent University Running Start.

Learn more

Accelerate your productivity with Agilent method and application consulting

Partner with Agilent CrossLab to ensure the best analytical and business outcomes—from sample preparation to final report.

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Talk to an Agilent Representative to learn how to integrate the right components into your LC workflow and solve the puzzle of optimizing your LC productivity.

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