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Stainless Steel Flexible Capillaries for General Purpose

Stainless Steel Flexible Capillaries for General Purpose

Agilent capillary supplies are made from a variety of top-quality materials to suit your lab’s every need.
Stainless Steel: good resistance to pitting corrosion
Stainless steel is ideal for most standard applications. Agilent’s 0.6 mm od flexible grade 316L stainless steel capillaries (chrome/nickel/molybdenum bearing grade) are much easier to handle than conventional, rigid 1.6 mm od capillaries.
Stainless Steel-coated PEEK: high-pressure bio-inertness and robustness
In bio-chromatography, capillaries and connectors should be inert to ensure the lowest interaction with protein samples. They must also be highly robust to withstand harsh cleaning procedures. Agilent has engineered a bio-inert PEEK liner clad with high-strength stainless steel to withstand pressures of at least 600 bar. This same technology is used in Agilent capillary fittings – giving you a strong, metal-free, capillary/ connector flow path for bio-inert applications.

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