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Capillary & Fitting Kits

Capillary & Fitting Kits

Agilent starter kits contain the most widely used capillary tubing, Swagelok connectors, and fittings in a variety of sizes, so you can find just the right length to minimize your connections and tubing volume. We’ve also included our flexible stainless steel capillaries to help you make the best LC connections, regardless of equipment brand. Plus, as a special bonus, all multi-use kits (5065-9938, 5065-9937, 5065-9939) feature a FREE cybertool that puts more than 30 lab essentials at your fingertips.
For high-efficiency columns, it’s best to use narrow-diameter red tubing (0.12 mm id), instead of conventional green (0.17 mm id) tubing.

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