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PrepHT Hardware

PrepHT Hardware

ZORBAX PrepHT guard cartridges are 17 x 7.5 mm in dimension and work with the guard hardware kit and fit at the end of 21.2 mm PrepHT cartridge columns.

PrepHT guard columns and fittings are also used with the Agilent Prep C18 and silica columns with 21.2 mm id. Guard columns are available in both C18 and silica.

PrepHT column phases include SB-C18, 300SB-C18, SB-C8, 300SB-C8, 300SB-C3, SB-CN, SB-Phenyl, Bonus-RP, Extend, Original ZORBAX, XDB-C18, XDB-C8, Rx-C18, Rx-Sil, Agilent Prep-C18, and Agilent Prep-Sil.

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