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AdvanceBio Peptide Plus

AdvanceBio Peptide Plus

Identify multiple critical quality attributes confidently by LC/MS with Agilent's new AdvanceBio Peptide Plus column. AdvanceBio Peptide Plus provides the speed, sensitivity, and efficiency you need to quickly confirm and identify target proteins and peptides. Based on Agilent's innovative superficially porous Poroshell technology, AdvanceBio Peptide Plus columns feature a hybrid endcapped C-18 on a 120 Å pore size, 2.7 µm particle that is specially modified to have a charged surface.

Combined with Agilent Analytical LC/MS instruments, AdvanceBio Peptide Plus enables:
  • The sensitivity to identify multiple important critical quality attributes with no deterioration in performance at higher mass loads.
  • Sharp, symmetrical peaks with formic acid containing mobile phases common in LC/MS methods.
  • The flexibility of mobile phase composition and column geometries allows the use of one column across multiple system platforms.
AdvanceBio Peptide Plus is the latest addition to the Agilent AdvanceBio family – innovative solutions for biomolecule characterization.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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