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1260 Infinity II Analytical-Scale Fraction Collector

1260 Infinity II Analytical-Scale Fraction Collector

High-purity fraction collection from nanogram to milligram quantities
The 1260 Infinity II Analytical-Scale Fraction Collector is designed for optimized fraction collection at flow rates between 100 μL/min and 10 mL/min. This module fits within any Infinity II LC stack and is ideal for compound purification in the nanogram to milligram range using columns with internal diameters between 2.1 and 9.4 mm. For lower flow rates and smaller column inner diameters, a low-dispersion tubing kit is available, which helps to maintain the postcolumn integrity of the separated peaks. Unique fraction delay sensor technology determines fraction delay volumes automatically and ensures that fractions are collected just-in-time without the need to collect extra volume. The optional Infinity II Thermostat enables precise control of column temperature from cooling down to 10 degrees below ambient up to 85 °C for applications involving thermally-labile chemical or biochemical samples.

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