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Produce Results up to Four X Faster

Produce Results
up to 4x Faster

Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS system

Multiply your laboratory capacity with the Agilent StreamSelect LC/MS system

Our robust StreamSelect system lets you multiplex up to four liquid chromatography systems with a single mass spectrometer, allowing full utilization of the detector. This innovative solution improves workflow efficiency with:

  • Higher throughput. Generate results two, three, even four times faster, compared to standard LC/MS systems.
  • Excellent return on investment. Efficient use of a single MS lowers your cost-per-sample.
  • Quality data. Demonstrated retention time, calibration, and quantitation precision via multiple streams.
  • Intuitive software. MassHunter software provides streamlined data collection, processing, and reporting.
  • Intelligent error handling. When one HPLC goes down, the software seamlessly switches to the next LC in the system. So you don’t have to worry about dropped samples.
  • Easy method setup. Simply load the data file, define your analyte window of interest, and create any desired plate templates.
ROI calculator

New StreamSelect ROI calculator

See what your return on investment could be with the StreamSelect LC/MS system. Get exclusive access to our ROI calculator.

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Application note

Four‑stream multiplexed analysis

Increase throughput by distributing calibrators, QC samples, and unknowns across all available streams.

StreamSelect brochure

StreamSelect brochure

Learn how to improve lab productivity without compromising data quality.

StreamSelect video

StreamSelect video

Reliable results, four times faster: Agilent StreamSelect MS system.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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