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GPC/SEC Solutions for Accurate, Reproducible Polymer Analysis

Agilent offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality solutions for gel permeation and size exclusion chromatography. For all types of polymer analysis, Agilent has instrumentation, columns, standards and software to match any application and budget. Specialty detection allows the determination of polymer properties beyond conventional calibration-based techniques. Unmatched flow precision and temperature stability gives complete confidence for consistent, reliable results.

GPC/SEC Systems

Powerful Systems for Polymer and Biomolecule Analysis

GPC/SEC Columns

GPC and SEC Columns for Aqueous, Specialty and Organic Polymer Analysis

Aqueous & Polar Organic GPC/SEC Columns

GPC/SEC Standards

Ensure Superior Accuracy with GPC and SEC Polymer Standards and Calibration Kits

PEO/PEG Standards
Polystyrene Standards
PMMA Standards
Polyacrylic Acid Standards