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Purge and Trap

Purge and Trap

Agilent Technologies, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Teledyne Tekmar to distribute their purge and trap instrumentation. Tekmar is a worldwide leader in Purge and Trap Sample Preparation Systems. The Lumin Purge and Trap Concentrator, built upon technology Tekmar developed, is the recommended sample preparation system for removing VOCs from various matrices. The AQUATek 100 Waters-only Autosampler provides 100-vial automated sample preparation for the analysis of liquid samples. For those analyzing soils and waters, the Atomx Automated VOC Sample Prep System will meet your needs. The Atomx combines the features of the purge and trap with that of an autosampler all into one system as well as automating methanol extractions for high level soils. All instruments are available for purchase directly from Agilent.

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