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6850 Automatic Liquid Sampler (Discontinued)

6850 Automatic Liquid Sampler (Discontinued)

The Agilent 6850 Series II GC and 6850 Automatic Liquid Samplers has been discontinued. The 7693A Autoinjector Tower is supported with the 6850 Series II GC and the 7693A 150-vial tray is not supported. Consider an increase in flexibility and performance with the 7890B GC and 7820 GC or the speed, efficiency, and footprint of the Intuvo 9000 GC.

Certified Pre-Owned G2880A 6850 samplers, GC columns in the 6850 GC format, and 6850 GC specific supplies will continue to be available during guaranteed support life. Further information is available for Agilent 10-Year Value Promise and Transition Services.

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