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Channel Cabinets

The 490 Micro GC compact gas analyzer offers between one to four user installable, plug and play analytical GC channels. Each channel is essentially a complete, miniaturized GC with electronic gas control, injector, narrow-bore column and detector, for fast, high efficiency separations. Each is independently controlled, including injection volume, column oven temperature, carrier gas and gas pressure. With micro-electronic gas control and time-programmable optional backflush, you can analyze sample components of interest while eliminating less volatile components and undesired contaminants such as moisture, allowing faster analysis time and extending column and component lifetimes. User exchangeable GC channels or modules provide quick and easy reconfiguration for any application.

  • Flexibility with up to four independent analytical GC channels, each with pneumatics, injector, column and detector.
  • Quickly reconfigure in the lab or in the field for any application including oil and gas exploration, refining, natural gas production and distribution, fuel cell development, and specialty gas production.
  • Extend column and component lifetime and improve cycle time with optional backflush to prevent less volatile components and contaminants such as moisture from entering the analytical column
  • Improve cycle time with optional backflush of components which are not of interest without waiting for them to elute before starting the next analysis