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Gas and Liquid Sampling Valve Supplies

Gas and Liquid Sampling Valve Supplies

Gas and liquid sampling valves are used for more complex applications in gas chromatography. They are most frequently used to sample gases or liquids in constantly flowing streams such as those in chemical reactors, chemical transfer lines, natural gas processing, and fermenters.

Sampling valves can also be used to enable multidimensional GC techniques such as backflush, Deans Switching, or 2D-GC (GC x GC). However, for nonvalve injections (i.e., made by a typical liquid autosampler), use of capillary flow technology (CFT) is more straightforward.

For more challenging valve applications, such as natural gas or transformer oil gas analysis, Agilent offers preconfigured analyzers for optimizing your GC system. Find out more here, or review Agilent’s Analyzer Solutions Guide for the energy and chemical industry.

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