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Instrument Supplies for GC/MS

Instrument Supplies for GC/MS

Your mass spectrometer is a sensitive, specialized device that delivers a higher level of functionality than other GC detectors. To continue to achieve optimal results, it is critical to maintain your system. Agilent’s range of GC/MS instrument supplies include: MS filaments, electron multiplier, and MS ion source supplies.

Like the filament in an incandescent light bulb, the ion source filaments will eventually burn out and require replacement. The lifetime of an electron multiplier is directly related to the current that flows through it and the extent of contamination or condensation that it experiences. The electron multiplier or replacement horn should be replaced when the voltage is over 2500 V. The MS ion source operates by electron ionization (EI) or chemical ionization (CI). It is good practice to replace scratched lenses and other ion source parts regularly, as scratched source parts lead to poor performance.

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