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Inert Flow Path Split/Splitless Inlet

Inert Flow Path Split/Splitless Inlet

Agilent's proven deactivation treatments in our Ultra Inert (UI) line of consumables, including Ul liners and Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns, helps laboratories achieve parts per billion or even parts per trillion detection levels. Using the same deactivation technology, the optional Inert Flow Path version of the split/splitless (S/SL) inlet provides increased levels of sensitivity and method precision for active, challenging compounds.
Portions of the S/SL inlet that could come into contact with the sample undergo a proprietary deactivation treatment. The inlet and its associated consumables, such as UI inlet liner, UI check-out column, UI gold seal, and UltiMetal Flexible Metal ferrules, all contribute to an Inert Flow Path that gives improved performance for sensitive analytes at very low levels, extending the range of quantification and detection.

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