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7010A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

7010A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

The Agilent 7010A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS provides the industry’s first attogram detection limits in Electron Ionization (EI) mode. The 7010A GC/MS system’s 0.5 fg OFN Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) is demonstrated at installation verifying unmatched ALS, GC and MS performance. Its high-efficiency EI source produces at least 20 times as many ions as the previous generation, improving the efficiency of the entire workflow.

Significant streamlining of sample prep procedures and reduction of sample injection volume for reduced routine maintenance requirements are just two of the ways the improved sensitivity of the 7010A can save time and money. Add in all of the features and capabilities of the 7000C, including Chemical Ionization (CI), and you have the best choice for the most demanding laboratories.

Agilent has recently launched a new version of the 7010 to learn more about the advantages of this new instrument please see the 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

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