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GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer

GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer

Globally, law enforcement agencies have established limits for blood alcohol concentrations that constitute violation of local “driving impaired” regulations. To meet demand, laboratories require accurate and high throughput analytical tools that produce defendable data. Configured with Flame Ionization (FID) and Mass Spectrum (MS) detectors, Agilent's GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer interfaces with the Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler to provide rapid cycles time with no carry over following a challenge with a 0.40% EtOH concentration sample. FID quantitation and spectral confirmation of alcohol presence provides data you can confidently defend.

Agilent's GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer helps your laboratory meet the analytical challenges of this high demand application. Start producing reproducible and defendable data today.

Watch the OnDemand application webinar to learn more now.

For Forensic Use

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