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GC/MS/MS Pesticides Analyzer

GC/MS/MS Pesticides Analyzer

Concern over pesticides contamination increases the demand for trace level analysis of residual pollutants in food, beverage and environmental samples. Extracts from these matrices contain target residues plus a mixture of organic compounds co-extracted during sample preparation that increase the difficulty to accurately quantitate and confirm the presence of target compounds. Based on the 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS, Agilent’s Pesticides and Environmental Pollutants GC/MS/MS Analyzer 4.0 with the MassHunter Pesticide & Pollutant MRM Database provides the lowest possible detection and quantitation limits for pesticides residues in complex matrices. Dynamic MRM provides enhanced analytical efficiency by focusing on MRMs within its own RT window. Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) backflush optimizes cycle time, enhances robustness, and provides superior selectivity and sensitivity for routine operation.

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