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More time to perform other tasks

Dako Omnis is an Automated Walk-Away Solution
Improve your lab's flexibility and overall efficiency

The solution allows slides to be processed automatically, without any additional intervention during the staining process. Simply, you can load your slide and walk away.

Already during the slide loading, there is an identification and availability check of the required reagents in order to finalize the run.

Once you have loaded the slides, you can walk away from the instrument to perform other tasks.

You are able to start a run even with missing reagents. Dako Omnis will alert you through visuals cues on the instrument and the touch screen when missing reagents are needed.

It is easy to see the instrument status just by looking at it. A LED light on the front shows the instrument status even from far away.

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An Intuitive and Easy to Operate Solution
IHC and ISH results with minimal training

Dako Omnis provides ready-to-use reagents, validated assays, guidance, information and support, so human errors are avoided. It also requires less training to operate and enables staff rotation. The intuitive and easy-to-use software enables even new users to begin producing results almost immediately.

How Dako Omnis manages slides, reagents, bulk fluids
  • A simple, intuitive interface walks the operator through everything he or she needs to do (management of slides, reagents, bulk fluids & maintenance)
  • Lab staff can deliver consistent IHC and ISH results with just minimal training
  • System logs all operator actions and cross-checks to ensure that the user’s programming makes sense:

    • Ready-to-use reagents
    • Validated protocols
    • LIS connectivity
    • Distributed workflow
    • User-defined login, according to skill level of level or amount of training

Dako Omnis is Designed for Minimal Hands-on Time
With minimal hands-on time, Dako Omnis helps increase staff productivity

Labs worldwide are seeing an increase in slide volumes, without having additional human resources available to handle them.

We’ve therefore designed Dako Omnis to require a minimum of hands-on time in every respect.

Dako Omnis minimizes reagent handling and requires fewer trips back and forth to the refrigerator. Staff spend less time waiting, and are thereby freed up to perform other tasks.

  • 15 minute set-up time
  • Minimal hands-on time needed during daily operation
  • Minimal maintenance time

Unequaled Slide Volumes without Additional Resources
Dako Omnis is flexible to accommodate fluctuations in slide volumes

With an increased pressure to deliver higher slide volumes without adding additional resources, a high throughput becomes more and more important for most laboratories today.

With an unequaled slide throughput per day, Dako Omnis can help laboratories achieve their goals currently, and cope with increasing volumes in the future.

How the unequaled throughput is achieved

With Dako Omnis a laboratory can load 165 IHC slides or 45 ISH slides or a combination of both in a typical work day (includes set up for an overnight run).

High Capacity
Dako Omnis has 60 Temperature-controlled reagents

The high capacity of Dako Omnis allows you to get your workload done with fewer instruments and fewer hands-on steps. A high capacity allows you to place a high number of slides, and a high quantity of reagents and bulk fluids on the instrument at any one time. This means that everything you need for a run is onboard Dako Omnis, and you have fewer trips back and forth to replenish supplies.

Dako Omnis features a capacity of:
  • 60 slides onboard – including up to 15 ISH slides. You can load your slides when you have time for it and run an efficient laboratory workflow.
  • 60 temperature-controlled reagents enables you to load all necessary reagents only once a day and offers the possibility of running more assays simultaneously - which is the pre-requisite for an improved flow of patient cases.
  • High bulk reagent capacity ensures you don’t need to refill bulk containers several times during a regular work day.

High waste capacity ensures less frequent emptying of waste containers, which incidentally are automatically divided in hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Dako Omnis Provides Fast Turnaround Time of Complete Patient Cases
Run IHC and ISH at the same time with Dako Omnis

Only HER2 IQFISH pharmDx™ and Dako Omnis make same day patient cases a reality. Run up to:

  • 105 IHC slides (165 IHC with overnight run)
  • 15 FISH slides (30 ISH with overnight run)
  • 95 IHC and 5 FISH slides (155 IHC + 5 ISH or 140 IHC + 20 ISH with overnight run)

Same Instrument, Same Quality, Same Time, Same Day

Automated slide throughput depends on length of protocol, slide capacity and reagent positions.

With the shortest FISH protocol in the market and high slide and reagent capacity, Dako Omnis processes ISH slides in IHC-like turnaround time – fast and with superior quality.

Selection of Dako Omnis slide throughput scenarios (8 hour work day – one instrument)
dako omnis throughput comparison
Automate FISH on Dako Omnis

Dako Omnis provides you with unparalleled capacity. Unique capabilities such as simultaneous processing of IHC and ISH enable you to easily manage increasing IHC and ISH slide volumes and deliver same day patient case reporting.


Intuitive ISH programming makes preparing your staining fast and easy. Start Dako Omnis and load reagents later, maximizing your time.

Loading and Processing

Innovative ISH Lids stabilize temperature and humidity to create protected reaction chambers for denaturation and hybridization.


Dedicated ISH unloading chambers protect stained slides from light, until you are ready to mount them.