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Dako Omnis

Dako Omnis

IHC and ISH automated on the same platform, coupled with fully optimized and validated protocols, enables a fast turnaround time of patient cases. It supports your lab to deliver consistent quality and optimal results day after day and slide after slide for increased certainty.

Dako Omnis provides:
  • Automated IHC and ISH, from deparaffinization to counterstaining
  • Parallel or batch processing
  • Flexible loading, zero waiting time to add slides or reagents
  • Up to 60 slides processed simultaneously
  • Capacity for 60 temperature-controlled reagents on board
  • Limited setup and little maintenance
  • High throughput, including possibility for overnight run
  • Full traceability of patient cases through onboard and workstation software
  • Intuitive user interface and individual user log in
  • LAN seats display information where needed, including information from the LIS
  • Dynamic Gap staining technology that helps ensure consistent, high-quality staining results with very low variation between slides, instruments and days

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