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Greater Choice – To manage your Lab’s Workload

Reagents can be loaded at any time on Dako Omnis
Unprecedented flexibility for the unpredictable lab environment.

With the Dako Omnis solution, reagents can be added at any time, (without waiting for landing zones).

  • Start the run, and then load any missing reagents or even all reagents to suit you.
  • New reagents can be added at anytime to fit in with your routine– with zero waiting time.
  • Omnis continues to run while you load new reagents.
You save the waiting time and the slides get processed faster.

Dako Omnis Compensates for Fluctuations in Your Lab's Workflow
Dako Omnis addresses significant fluctuations in daily and monthly slide volumes with a high overnight capacity.

Dako Omnis gives labs the option of running IHC and ISH slides overnight, with an unequaled high capacity of 60 slides (including up to 15 ISH slides). This compensates for peaks and ensures that they can deliver slides on time, regardless of fluctuations in volume.

Unequaled overnight capacity of 60 slides compensate for large fluctuations in daily workload, enabling good service performance and a fast answer to oncologist and patient. Slides volume is based on data from Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln, UK. Average 97 slides pr day. Fluctuations from 40 – 150 slides per day.

How to utilize the 60 slide overnight capacity

Utilizing the overnight capacity is easy:

  1. Load slides at the end of a workday.
  2. When the first 30 slides have started their pretreatment an extra 30 slides can be loaded achieving the 60 slides capacity.

If slides are finished before the start of the work day they will be stored at either wet or dry location. It is also possible to delay the slide staining so they finish when the work day begins.

Monitor and Control the Dako Omnis Solution from anywhere
Dako Omnis easily connects to your lab’s existing LIS Connectivity system.

Information to hand, where and when you need it, including information provided by your LIS:

  • Enter slide requests directly into the Dako Omnis software from several computers
  • Monitor instruments status from anywhere
  • Track where the slides are
  • Create reports
  • Have slides lists available directly at the microtome
  • Keep track of reagents directly at the fridge

LAN connection allows your lab full transparency of all Dako Omnis information. And your staff can follow the slide flow from their workstations with minimum effort, conducive to a calmer working environment and a smoother workflow

Dako Omnis easily connects to your labs existing LIS system

The built in LAN connection allows you to monitor and control information from anywhere, and enables management of Dako Omnis information exactly where and when you need it. Send slide requests, track the slides, order reagents, get information from your LIS, and much more.

Batch or Continuous Loading of Slides – The Choice is Yours
Dako Omnis gives lab the freedom to choose their optimal workflow: anything from batch loading to complete patient-case management

Updates on time-sensitive patient cases are increasingly needed in modern oncology.This calls for a patient case workflow where labs can continuously load and off-load slides per patient case, without waiting for the next batch to run and without spending time on batching and re-sorting the slides.

In addition, slide volumes fluctuate – somtimes from day to day and hour to hour – which in peak periods calls for utilizing their full throughput capacity, both in terms of automation and manpower, by deploying batch runs.

How Dako Omnis gives lab the freedom to choose

Dako Omnis enables labs to apply a LEAN design where the workflow matches its patient case management:

  • Racks that fit patient cases can be continuously loaded and off-loaded, eliminating waiting time prior to the next batch run and reducing hands-on time to batch and re-sort the slides.
  • A high throughput is ensured by the racks designed to fit single patient cases.

Full throughput capacity can be reached by running batches on Dako Omnis, including over-night runs, which can help eliminate the need for working overtime during in peak periods.

Dako Omnis - Automated Walk Away Staining Solution