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Doublestaining System for  Autostainer Link 48

Doublestaining System for Autostainer Link 48

EnVision* DuoFLEX Doublestain System is a two-color detection system in an easy-to-choose-and-use kit configuration, based on the EnVision polymer technology known to provide high-quality staining results. The system will enable staining of two or more markers on a single slide using HRP and AP reactions. The system has been developed for ready-to-use DuoFLEX Antibody Cocktails, but may also be used with customers' own antibody cocktails or individual antibodies that are sequentially incubated on a single slide. The final staining result will be brown using DAB for mouse primary antibodies and red using LPR (liquid permanent red) for rabbit primary antibodies. * U.S. Patent 5,543,332 and European Patent 594,772.

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