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Uncoded Multi-Element Lamps

Uncoded Multi-Element Lamps

Agilent multi-element hollow cathode lamps provide unique combinations of compatible elements to extend the versatility and performance of any AA spectrometer. Our multi-element lamps provide optimal signal-to-noise performance, permitting determinations at even lower levels with the most demanding applications. Agilent lamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment and use proven processing steps to guarantee quality and reliability, and ensure they are optimized to deliver the best performance from your AA. Our lamps provide high spectral purity because of purified materials, extended processing cycle and factory lamp conditioning procedures. These ensure minimal lamp warm-up time and good stability during operation.

Agilent has arranged for a recycling service for used Atomic Absorption lamps in North America.

The warranty coverage on hollow cathode lamps is Agilent’s standard warranty covering all our chemistries and supplies – 90 days from the date of shipment to the end-user. No logs of operating hours to maintain to qualify for the warranty.

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