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Supplies kits for GTA 120 Graphite Furnace Systems

Supplies kits for GTA 120 Graphite Furnace Systems

Agilent's spares kit provides the typical operating supplies required for moderate use of the GTA 120 graphite furnace Atomic Absorption systems. Having an operating supplies kit on hand will enable you to:
  • Maintain accurate analysis
  • Save as much as 15% over the cost of purchasing supplies individually
  • Keep your instruments running for up to 12 months (depending on use) without worrying about reordering supplies
The contents of this kit includes:
two sets of graphite electrodes, one pair (either 6310003500 Zeeman electrodes or 6310003400 normal electrodes); spare graphite shroud (either 6310003600 Zeeman shroud or 6310003100 normal shroud); five packs of Omega platform tubes, 10/pk (6310003700); 100 μL syringe for PSD 120, (4710003200); one pack of capillary assemblies for PSD 120, 5/pk (9910115100); one pack of 10 mL plastic beakers for PSD, 5/pk (p/n 9910115600), and two packs of 2 mL sample vials, 1000/pk (9910028200)

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