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Reverse Transcriptases

Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Enzymes

Real Time PCR Enzymes: Reverse Transcriptase

Learn about our Real Time PCR enzyme kit, the AccuScript Hi-Fi Reverse Transcriptase. This reverse transcriptase PCR kit offers reagents for qPCR applications that demand high-fidelity, specificity, and throughput. It delivers the highest reverse-transcription accuracy, greater than three-fold accuracy compared to other leading reverse transcriptase, while promoting full length cDNA synthesis and superior performance in RT-PCR. The AccuScript high fidelity RT-PCR system can amplify cDNA of 0.1–9.6 kb in length synthesized from 10–1000 ng of total RNA or 0.1–10 ng of poly(A)+ RNA.

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