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DNA Methylation Microarrays

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarrays

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarrays for Epigenomics Experiments

Discover our selection of Location Analysis Microarrays for your experiments. Our range of high-performing microarrays include catalog and custom ChIP-on-chip and DNA Methylation Microarrays. The Agilent DNA Methylation Microarray are designed to interrogate known CpG islands and related sites. The arrays are specifically designed for analysis of methylated DNA derived from affinity-based isolation methods, such as methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MDIP). The Human DNA Methylation microarrays enable analysis of DNA methylation and a greater understanding of the epigenetic events that regulate gene expression and key biological processes. In addition, we provide a suite of microarray designed to analyze protein, with ChIP on Chip technologies. Read on to learn more.

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