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Epigenetic & Specialty Microarray Supplies

Methylation & ChIP-on-Chip Microarray Supplies for Streamlined Experiments

Learn about our selection of high-performance methylation & ChIP-on-Chip microarray supplies for your microarray workflows. The selection includes hybridization ovens, accessories for the hybridization ovens, hybridization chambers, backing slides and slide covers. Our Microarray Hybridization Ovens deliver optimal hybridization performance of the microarray workflow. Our SureHyb Microarray Hybridization Chamber is a stainless steel chamber that defines a sealed space for microarray hybridization, while the backing slides are silicone gaskets designed for Agilent microarray slides that hold the sample and are part of the hybridization chamber. The chamber is compatible with all current Agilent microarray formats. Read on to find out more.

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