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Methylation & ChIP on Chip Microarray Platform

Learn about Agilent’s industry leading Methylation & ChIP on Chip Microarray Platform for your workflows and clinical research needs, including hardware, microarrays, buffers, reagents, kits, scanners, equipment, software, supplies and more. Our platform includes microarrays focused on methylated and promoter regions enabling whole genome methylation profiling and ChIP on Chip analysis, and powerful analysis tools for genome-wide measurement of DNA methylation changes. Thanks to our oligo design and quality, Agilent microarrays enable fast and precise identification of methylated DNA regions and protein binding sites, and deliver highly reliable, quality results with superior sensitivity.

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarray Kits & Reagents

Epigenetic & Location Analysis Microarray Kits & Reagents for Streamlined Workflows

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarray Software

Epigenetic & Location Analysis Microarray Software for Workflow Optimization

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarray Supplies

Methylation & ChIP-on-Chip Microarray Supplies for Streamlined Experiments

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarrays

Epigenetic & Specialty Microarrays for Epigenomics Experiments

ChIP-on-chip Microarrays
Custom Microarrays
DNA Methylation Microarrays

Methylation & ChIP-on-Chip Microarray Buffers

Methylation & ChIP-on-Chip Microarray Buffers for Workflows and Assays

Microarray Scanners & Equipment

Methylation & ChIP-on-Chip Microarray Scanners & Equipment for Epigenomics Workflows