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EnVision G|2 Doublestain System, Rabbit/Mouse (DAB+/Permanent Red)

EnVision G|2 Doublestain System, Rabbit/Mouse (DAB+/Permanent Red)

EnVision G

2 Doublestain System is a high-sensitivity peroxidase and alkaline-phosphatase-based 2nd generation visualization kit. The kit is intended for use in immunohistochemistry for the simultaneous detection of two different antigens within the same specimen, and is compatible with suitably diluted rabbit and mouse primary antibodies. The kit may be used on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections and fixed cell smears. In addition to the ready-to-use EnVision G

2 reagents packaged in Dako Autostainer Reagent Vials, the kit includes both DAB+ and Permanent Red chromogenic substrate systems.

Note: The number of tests for this kit is based on the use of 200 ┬ÁL of reagent per slide.

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