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EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System

EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System is intended for use in immunohistochemistry together with Autostainer Link instruments. This system is useful for the simultaneous detection of multiple antigens present in low or high concentrations within one specimen. The visualization is based on peroxidase (HRP) using DAB+ as chromogen and alkaline phosphatase (AP) using Permanent Red as chromogen. EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System is biotin-free, thus significantly reducing non-specific staining resulting from endogenous avidin-biotin activity. This visualization system should be used for Dako DuoFLEX Cocktail antibodies.

Note: The number of tests is based on the use of 200 µL or 300 µL of reagent per slide.

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