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Anti-S100 + Anti-Tyrosinase + Anti-Melan-A

Anti-S100 + Anti-Tyrosinase + Anti-Melan-A

Reacts with antigens corresponding to S100, tyrosinase, and melan-A on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Polyclonal Rabbit Anti-S100 is useful for the classification of S100-positive neoplasms, such as malignant melanoma and Langerhans' histiocytosis. Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Tyrosinase, Clone T311, is useful for the classification of melanocytic lesions and melanoma. Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Melan-A, Clone A103, is useful for the classification of melanomas and is also applicable for angiomyolipomas. This antibody cocktail should be visualized using EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System.

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