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Hybridization Capture-based Target Enrichment for NGS

Targeted sequencing provides a time and cost-effective workflow by investigating specific regions in the genome. Hybrid capture-based target enrichment employs probes to capture target sequences in a NGS library. Hybrid capture sequencing is sensitive and suited for detecting single nucleotide variants, translocations, structural variants, insertions and deletions, and copy number variations. Agilent provides a full suite of hybridization capture-based target enrichment NGS products, including library preparation and target enrichment kits, exomes, catalog and custom probes, software solutions, sample quality control and automation platforms. Whether your research needs a catalog NGS panel or a custom design to include your genes of interest, Agilent has the solutions for you. Agilent offers other amplicon-based target enrichment technology options, also, for finding specific regions-of-interest.

DNA-Seq Reagents Kits and Library Preparation Kits

NGS DNA-Seq Reagent Kits & Library Preparation Kits

Exome Probes

NGS Exome Probes offer excellent coverage of targeted regions with minimal exome sequencing.

NGS Automation Platforms

NGS Automation Platforms for scalable workflows with increased walkaway times

NGS Catalog Target Enrichment Probes

NGS Catalog Target Enrichment Probes

NGS Custom Target Enrichment Probes

NGS Custom Target Enrichment Probes

NGS Quality Control

NGS Quality Control for sample input DNA and Human Reference quality assessments

NGS Software

Next generation of data analysis and interpretation in NGS workflows

RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kits

Targeted and Whole Transcriptome RNA-Sequencing Library Preparation Kits