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HRP Magenta

HRP Magenta chromogen system for IHC visualization on Dako Omnis
HRP Magenta simplifies your IHC visualization
  • Two colors integrated in one workflow
  • Load ‘red’ cases as you choose, as an integral part of your routine IHC
  • Only adds one new vial to the plug-and-play EnVision FLEX system
  • Gives your lab a lean workflow and fast turnaround times

How HRP Magenta visualization fits into your immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining workflow

Why is HRP Magenta

HRP Magenta is a unique Agilent invention. Derived from a well-known chromogen used for many years in other industries, the molecule has been chemically modified to fit perfectly into HRP-based visualization on Dako Omnis. HRP Magenta offers:

  • A clear, transparent color that
    also makes HRP Magenta
    ideal for image analysis
  • Stains that can be mounted
    using permanent mounting
HRP Magenta enables confident patient diagnosis

HRP Magenta is both sensitive and specific. A clear presentation of the tissue is maintained, allowing you to recognize tissue and cellular structures. With it's crisp clear contrast, the intense staining and color nuance make HRP Magenta an excellent complementary color for your staining on Dako Omnis.

Vibrant color

Vibrant color with HRP Magenta Red Chromogen System
Visible details

Visible details with HRP Magenta immunohistochemistry visualization
HRP Magenta fits right into your existing EnVision FLEX System and only requires one extra vial, fancy trying it out?

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Alternatively you can download our HRP Magenta brochure, read our EnVision Flex HRP Magenta product details, or read our Envision FLEX HRP Magenta Substrate Chromogen System product details.