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FISH on Dako Omnis

Integrate fast, High Quality FISH into an IHC workflow

Florescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is routinely used as the gold standard to visualize gene rearrangements and copy number of changes tumor specimens.

A major drawback od the technigue is the extensive assay hands-on time required. Dako Omnis, a fully automated walk-away solution with high efficiency and flexibility.

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Key Benefits of FISH on Dako Omnis
Define your FISH assay on Dako Omnis

Ordering Information
Product Name Volume Code
ISH Pepsin (Dako Omnis) 7 mL, RTU, 20 tests GM30211-2
ISH Ethanol Solution, 96% (Dako Omnis) 14 mL, RTU, 20 tests GM30011-2
ISH Pre-treatment Solution (20x)(Dako Omnis) 175mL for 3.5 L bulk, 5-25 tests GM30111-2
ISH Stringent Wash Buffer (20x)(Dako Omnis) 175mL for 3.5 L bulk, 5-25 tests GM30311-2
ISH Cleaning Solution (Dako Omnis) 10mL, 100 tests GC20730-2
Fluorescence Mounting Medium (Dako Omnis) 0.8mL, 20 tests GM30411-2
IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer 900 0.9mL, 10 tests G9414A
Vial with Mixing Ball, 2 mL, for Dako Omnis Box of 25, 500 tests GC20630-7
Dako Omnis ISH Lid Box of 5, 25 tests GC10230
Dako Omnis Mixing Device 1pcs GC11630

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