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AssayMAP Bravo Protein Sample Prep Platform

AssayMAP Bravo Protein Sample Prep Platform

The AssayMAP Bravo platform automates protein sample preparation upfront of LC/MS analysis aimed at protein characterization and quantitation. Ideal for routine biopharma and proteomics labs, automated immunoaffinity capture, digestion and desalting steps, the system can run 8 to 96 samples in parallel for each sample prep application.

With the AssayMAP Bravo you achieve better reproducibility and higher recovery rates of your protein sample, with our micro-chromatography column tips providing state-of-the-art binding consistency. Less hands-on time using verified protocols at significantly lower consumable cost will increase your lab’s productivity instantly. AssayMAP Bravo helps to extract the most data points possible from your precious samples, achieving the highest protein and peptide identification matches.

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