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Amplicon Target Capture Kits

NGS Amplicon Target Capture Kits with Molecular Barcodes Enables Accurate Detection of Rare Alleles

Amplicon Target Capture Kits (Catalog and Custom) are based upon HaloPlex and HaloPlexHS, an amplicon-based targeted sequencing technology. Using a simple, library prep-free workflow, complete target enrichment is achieved in less than 6 hours from 200 ng or 50 ng of input DNA, using HaloPlex and HaloPlexHS kits, respectively. HaloPlexHS incorporates molecular barcodes in the DNA library that enables identification of duplicate reads, to improve base calling accuracy even at low allelic frequencies of 1% and lower. The HaloPlex and HaloPlexHS Custom Kits provide you with the flexibility to create panels targeting your genomic regions of interest for any application.
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