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Update Sequencing Calculator

Multiplicom provides your laboratory with a complete range of molecular diagnostics solutions, which guide you towards better and more reliable results. One part of our solutions are customer and quality support tools. These tools help you to set up our tests and improve your results. In order to help you calculate the number of samples per sequencing run and improve your results, we have updated our Sequencing Calculator as of 8 May 2017.

The Sequencing Calculator is a free online tool on our website that enables you to efficiently plan your sequencing runs and to calculate the number of samples per run of different MASTR (Plus) assays in a single run. The report provides you with the required volume per amplicon pool (µl).

From now on, the calculator supports the most current Illumina (MiSeq®, MiniSeq® and NextSeq®) and Thermo Fisher Scientific (Ion PGM™ and Ion S5™) sequencers. We have also added new Multiplicom assays to the calculator and made the use of your NGS data for CNV analysis more visible, all to provide you with a complete overview of possibilities.

For our somatic assays (Tumor), Illumina flow cells for 300 cycles have been added. Furthermore, we have minimized the recommended minimal coverage for Illumina sequencing (for SNV: from 50 to 20 reads per variant allele; for CNV: from 300 to 200 reads per amplicon). Taken together, these updates make your run more efficient and affordable.

Experts at your service

Our experts are always there to answer your questions by phone or by email. Our Field Application Specialists help you solve problems at your site, train your staff and advise you on how to improve your performance. They do not only know our products inside out, they also have an in-depth knowledge of next-generation sequencing and they understand how your business works. They also have a direct link with our R&D department, so that your questions and needs are continuously fed into our product innovations.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Expert support team if you have any further questions regarding our online web tools.