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MASTR Reporter launch

Multiplicom has been a strong and reliable player in molecular diagnostics for many years. We provide your laboratory with a broad range of molecular Next-Generation Sequencing solutions, which guide you towards the most reliable results. Our ready-to-use kits analyze the genes that matter in a simple, efficient and reliable manner. Our Facility lab and expert customer support team help you to set up our tests and secure your results in every step of the way. And as of today, our MASTR Reporter ensures correct analysis and interpretation of your data and enables quality control, from sample to final result for all labs performing germline BRCA tests.

From 2 May 2017, all our new kits will include the MASTR Reporter, starting with our BRCA HC MASTR Plus, BRCA MASTR Dx and BRCA MASTR Plus Dx assays. The new MASTR Reporter not only ensures the correct analysis and interpretation of data, it also allows you to monitor and trace the quality of your results in the smallest detail. Contact your Multiplicom representative for new pricing details.

Analyze your data

Our Reporters have been specifically developed to analyze data from our own molecular diagnostics NGS kits, and prepare them for clinical interpretation. Results are available in less than an hour. Visual presentation of the results makes it easy to distinguish positive and negative results, speeds up interpretation and reduces the risk of errors.

Understand your data

Both of our Reporters enable you to monitor and trace all aspects that may influence the quality of your test results, from the quality of the extracted DNA sample to the final analysis or even the functioning of your equipment. The quality control dashboard of the MASTR Reporter immediately reveals significant trends. Quality deviations are automatically reported and suggestions for further optimizations are made.

Manage your workflow

The Reporters enable you to better manage and optimize the workflow of your laboratory. You can define users and their rights. With the MASTR Reporter it is possible to set up an internal approval system for the clinical interpretation of the results. You can easily archive results for up to two years and consult earlier tests and their results. All data entries are logged and easily traced.

Interested in hearing more about the MASTR Reporter or our other solutions? Contact your local sales representative for more information or request a demo.